Human Energy Fields

This is about the human energy system but firstly, a quick meditation grounding exercise. I recommend you do the grounding exercise morning and night to stay grounded and keep your energy stable.

There are seven major energy bodies and seven major chakras but it isn't quite as clear when one tries to understand what the aura is.

Most people talk about the aura as several layers. A layer is something that's overlapping something else but this isn't actually what the aura is. People assume the physical body is solid and there are layers around the physical body.

It doesn't work that way. From the outside in, we can imagine the aura of someone that's seven energy bodies out.

Let's start with seven layers out as that is average for people which means our energy extends around three meters and the seventh energy body is not a layer, it's actually one whole body.

Our next energy body is about a foot apart and there's a smaller energy body within that and so on.The physical body has more energy bodies than just seven and we've tested this out in my workshops.

During one particular workshop, people were feeling the energy and we counted 32 energy bodies. It was a cold and windy day which makes it harder to sense. There would be more than 32 energy bodies as it’s much easier to feel energy on a calm day. We're just at the beginning with this and each energy body relates to a certain aspect of us.

The first energy body is the easiest one for most people to see. Look along a bitumen road and if you see a blurred area where heat is rising, you've found it.

The first energy body is reasonably easy to see around someone's physical body and it's the first energy body that is visible.

When you tune in, you begin to see other blurred areas around the physical body. As you exercise your abilities, you may see coloured blurred areas as well.

"We have to learn to trust our feelings, rather than the

misinformation that often comes through"

The important thing is to trust what you see and don't let your mind come into question. As you see the energy, acknowledge it and move forward. We must trust as our mind has an acute ability to minimize or dismiss what we've never experienced.

Many sensitive people stopped doing this years ago because they were told that those experiences were imaginary and that they don't make sense or they’re not real.

People were even sent to psychiatric clinics for making strange comments. As you begin to see and feel this, you need to become more inquisitive and investigate more.

Sometimes it's good to look through your peripheral vision as they can be seen more clearly. If you are of a spiritual nature and you meditate, you should be able to see energy around someone on a subtle level.

Your hand is very sensitive and you can connect with this by feel. In my Shamanism level one course, I teach people how to do just that.

It's a simple technique and once you've learned it, you can do it anytime. The first energy body extends out and where there's an emotion, a thought or a feeling and your aura is flowing.

It's energy, it's flowing, it's changing shape and it can be expansive if you're having a great day or minimal if you're having a stressful day.

There can be other issues that have an effect on the expansiveness of the aura, such as suppressed emotions.

If you've had bad experiences as a child, it can leave cloudy energy in your aura and this is how disease and sickness start.

The longer the cloudiness stays in your aura, the more dense it becomes. Once it starts connecting with the physical body, the disease takes off because the energy in the aura is becoming toxic.

As this energy becomes more dense, it connects with your physical body, it affects the way you live, think, relate to people and this is where toxicity begins.

Importantly, you must deal with your emotional baggage and clear it as much as possible because it has a major effect on your base chakra energy.

"The base chakra is the most important chakra.

Do grounding exercises to get and keep it strong "

The first energy body is an energetic reproduction of the physical body. A while ago in Queensland , I was conducting a level one Shamanism workshop and in the corner of the room was an older guy laying on a massage table. He was very still and a girl was moving her hands moving above his body, feeling his energy.

She'd move her hand down one leg, and then the other but couldn't work out what was happening. However, I could see what was going on energetically and I asked him if he’d like me to tell her what it was. He informed her that he had a prosthetic leg and even though his physical limb has been removed, an imprint of the physical body and the energy system continues to exist.

Another example is one of a hysterectomy where the physical reproductive organs are removed from a woman but the energy of those organs is still present. This can be quite traumatic for a woman and it's always good to clear all emotional energy.

There are other energy bodies that relate to your mental aspect, how you think about yourself and other people. It’s the same with your emotions and how you feel about yourself which generally projects through your auric field.

When a sensitive person enters your auric space, they can feel your energy very clearly although they don't always know exactly what they're feeling.

They'll just feel whether you're a good person or not, just as we all do when we meet someone for the first time.

Trust your feelings because you're reading them and everything about that person is in their auric field.

Once you begin to read that, you gather much more information from your body. This is where healers work very well as they notice the dark shadow energy becoming toxic before disease enters the physical body.

As you start to extend out further, there's an area that's in the fifth energy body that makes the human part of us. The seventh is the spiritual body which is more related to your spiritual experiences and your connection to the great spirit.

This changes as you develop aspects of your aura and the energy system becomes more expansive.

When working more on a spiritual level, you may develop that particular energy more than other energies. Holistically, the whole aura begins to expand as you see and feel more of your energy and that of others.

Move back into your energy bodies to around about the fifth and sixth bodies.

This is the causal area where most are impacted by emotions, environment and social consciousness and where cause and effect happen. By not taking in the negative energy of others, it will actually bounce off.

However,if you choose to take in the negative, it will create fear in your system. Whether you're a child or an adult, the cause generally begins, in the outer energy system of the seven energy bodies.

It can taint your whole belief system depending on what you're listening to. We have to trust our feelings because there's much misinformation that comes through.

There are some great books that I highly recommend by Barbara Ann Brennan. They describe interactions between people and what is occurring energetically.

They relate to the psychology, physiology, emotions and the mental outlook on the aura and the chakra system. Barbara's first book is called Hands of Light and the other is called Mood and is about the higher vibrational areas of the energy system.

There are seven major chakras, however, there are other chakras as well. Most people would have heard of the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown chakras.

Firstly, we have the base chakra which is ultimately the most important chakra. If your base chakra isn't strong and you have personal issues or suppressed memories, it highly affects the energy of that chakra.

This would result in you feeling ungrounded, affecting your clarity of thought and the way you feel about yourself and your inner strength. Generally, the base chakra is the weakest point that a person has in their energy system and this is where negative spirits or other people's negative thoughts dwell.

Recently in a talk about psychic attack, I mentioned if you're thinking negatively about someone who feels insecure about themselves, that particular thought will attack them at their weakest point.

On the other hand, if that person feels very confident, those negative thoughts will bounce off. For an insecure person, that negative thought you're having of them will go to their base chakra and filter through their energy system.

"Most people who complain about energy vampires

are that themselves "

Their energy compounds and will make them feel even more insecure because they're feeling that projected negative energy. We simply shouldn't be judging and projecting negative thoughts as this is a psychic attack.

You may have heard people talk about energy vampires. Most of the people that complain about them are energy vampires themselves.

Importantly, we have to be very careful about the way we think and keep our judgements to ourselves. People usually judge others and their opinions because inwardly, they're not accepting of themselves.

They draw energy from people by pulling them down to feel better about themselves. It makes their ego feel better but unfortunately, It doesn't make the heart feel the same.

We have to be more responsible for our energy, our thoughts, our words and our actions. Meditation is a great way to become more self aware.

The second chakra, the sacral chakra is around the navel. It travels through the body and feeds energy to the organs in that area on a physical level.

If you have problems in the spine, you may need to look at the related chakra that is in line with the problem area of your spine.

There may be issues occurring within that chakra that is affecting the spine so if the emotional energy in that chakra is rectified, your back starts to feel better.

The pain that we do feel is not physical but the longer we feel that pain, it will start to become physical. When the pain occurs, make an appointment with a practitioner and they'll clear the energy of your spine and the chakra.

The sacral chakra relates to the reproductive system in both male and female and also to circulation throughout the body and the lower intestinal tract. The sacral chakra relates to how you think and feel on a sexual level and relates to creative energies.

When you have that burst of creativity, the sacral chakra is quite often behind that in a positive sense. If you feel a mental block and you can't seem to get to your normal creative space, like writing a book or creating beautiful artwork, it is quite often an emotional block that's stopping those creative abilities.

"People usually judge others and their opinions because inwardly they are not accepting of themselves. They draw energy from people by pulling them down to feel better about themselves. It will make their ego feel better but it doesn’t make the heart feel the same."

The next chakra is the solar plexus, your power centre and it also moves through the body from front to back. Physical aspects of the energy that the solar plexus feeds are the stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver and the adrenals.

Anything in that area is being fed a lifeforce through the solar plexus chakra. This is your power center and the easiest way to feel what's going on. For example, if someone asks you to speak in front of a group of people and you've never spoken in public before.

"The solar plexus chakra is your power center "

The first thing people normally feel is that butterfly feeling in the chakra which means you're in fear which is the chakra closing over. That butterfly feeling is simply energy bubbling around in the closed off chakra.

Moving onto the heart chakra, your feelings centre which relates to how you feel about love, connection to yourself and others on that level. It’s about family, partner, business relationships or how you feel about the world, your life etc.

All of this can be going on and particularly if you're affected by abuse as a child, you may be experiencing suppressed energy.

Your heart chakra would be suppressed as well and it would be blocked to a certain degree. Most sensitive people that have had childhood issues have trouble feeling or seeing energy because their heart chakra is blocked.

The throat chakra is about communication, not just verbal communication but thought communication as well and how you think about yourself and others. An example of the feelings around the throat can also relate to when you're giving talks and information is filtering through and you're wondering where it's coming from.

You might think you simply picked this up from somewhere, however quite often it's from your guides who are communicating through you and they tend to push through the back of the throat chakra.

Quite often, if you have a guide that wants to channel through, you'll feel a pressure at the back of your throat and that can just be you blocking something that you've never done before or that you're nervous about.

"When a guide has taught you everything you need from them,

you begin to embody them. Your soul energy links with theirs and you become more expansive and connected to the source."

We have the third eye chakra and it is an interesting one because it's not just about internal and external vision but can also be if your mind stays closed or if you have tunnel vision.

You don't want to think about anything spiritual because your life is so stressed and you just bring it in and all you think about is work, home, eating and back to work again. Your mind can be closed and your ability to have expansive thought beyond three dimensional realm can be limited.

This is where meditation and counselling would be a great deal of help. Your vision can be very limited because of the way you think, how you've been brought up and what you've witnessed, etc.

It could also relate to how your family and your parents may have acted towards you, how you observe things and this affects the way you think and what we see and what we allow ourselves not to see.

The crown chakra relates to your connection to God,Great Spirit, the Universe or Buddha and this concept of understanding God is something that evolves through life.

When you engage with your guides and follow the teachings, you will have a conscious connection. When one guide has taught you everything,you begin to embody that guide and this is where your soul energy links in with the same soul energy of your guide and you become more expansive and connected to the source.

We now see two energies united back to one so there's less separation between you and source.

This is quite expansive when you follow a spiritual path and it's amazing because your abilities increase as you have more experiences.

Thanks everyone. #safejourneys

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