'A Few Words From The Nature Spirits'

Post date: Jul 26, 2020 12:03:55 PM

Fireside CHat with Matthew Greenwood

'A Few Words From The Nature Spirits'

We're learning about humanity. Humanity's evolvement and the earth's evolvement as far as nature is concerned.

The nature spirits want me to share a few stories of experiences I've had around the nature beings that are here. They have something they want to say.

This is a unique experience for them also as there have not been many avenues for them to be able to communicate in this way. They do their best to communicate with humans. They do their best to connect with individuals that come into the forest.

When people have the opportunity to visit the forest, more than ever before, the forest spirits, the trees ,all the beings on all levels are just itching to connect with us. It's part of their purpose, particularly the plant kingdom, to feed us with energy.

They do this with everything on the planet, with animals, birds, insects, water creatures and the elements.

There's a constant flow and interaction and interweaving of energy

that goes on between nature and beings.

They would ask people that aren't physically well to rug up and even when it's cold, go for a walk out into nature.

The energy of the plants will nurture us, will help support us energetically and will help relieve us of some of the symptoms we are experiencing when we have a cold .

The problem is that when we are sick, we huddle up in bed in a closed room. We keep breathing in the same germs that probably gave us the flu in the first place.

They're saying it is important to allow yourself to extend out into nature. There are many beings that are here to help humans in specific ways. Starting with the plant kingdom. If you aren't well, look at what plants are growing in your garden because there will be certain plants that may be looked upon as weeds but they are actually medicinal plants.

Do some research on what those plants are and how they can help you. There are ways of finding out how to process those plants, it's a hint on what is needed for your body to support your health.

Quite a few years ago when I was on Rosebud Indian reservation, I was walking in the forest with a good friend of mine. He's actually my brother now. We have gone through a ceremony. There was a small group of people that I'd taken on a tour over there.

My brother was telling us about this particular medicine plant that was incredibly rare but it actually helped cure cancer. Back when people were first looking for it ,it was a very rare plant to find. Now the plant is almost everywhere to be found, but when you go into the reservation, there are many, many people that have cancer. Just like there are many people here now. 30 years ago, one in eight people would get cancer. Now, it's one in two. We have to look at why it is happening?

Contributors are pollution. geo-engineering, energetic engineering, toxins in foods, lack of minerals in foods which support our physical body and the ability to flush out toxins. The vibration of many people is down as well. When our vibration is up, our body has the ability to relieve ourselves of toxins on many levels.

The plant kingdom is saying that it has a great support for people at this time. We have to spend time in the forest and they will feed us with energy which will support us. Even just for an hour if you're really not well, but at some point through the day.

The trees are now wanting to talk specifically!

There is much conversation regarding the pine forests and the processing that is carried out in pine forests. I've questioned this but I've had to talk to the trees and I understand more about it having talked to them so they want me to talk about this now. Pines are one of the oldest types of trees.

They date back millions and millions of years, the pine trees that you see in pine forests are from those early primeval trees that first existed on the planet. They may only get a life expectancy here of up to 70 years, but probably its more so 50 to 60. The thing is they know and they are aware, is they are here to serve a purpose, as much as it's a sad thing for us to see those trees cut down.

They have that when they are planted ,that intention is embedded in their energy at an energetic level which then feeds into their consciousness. They have an expectancy that they will get cut down and they're prepared for this. There are other trees like eucalyptus which in an ideal situation will live a full life.

The spirit guides want me to talk about something I experienced about 6 years ago. Myself and a group of people were looking at possibly taking on Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary (in South Australia). I'm sure everyone's heard of Warrawong, It was closed down about 15 years ago.

It was closed due to inadequate fire standards and the structures that were in place. We didn't end up taking it on because of the sheer reason all of the buildings would have had to have been rebuilt which would have cost millions. What I found out was that beyond the plants that grow on the land, there is certain land that has a certain purpose and it's embedded in the energy of the land.

They are types of vortexes that exist in that area. There are many areas of land that are actually

meeting places. These meeting places go back millions of years.

There have been other people here before Aboriginal societies and they also would have been drawn to the same areas of land. Warrawong was chosen because it seemed like a good place to bring people to see

the natural Flora and Fauna and it worked really well but it was fenced.

There are tall fences there to keep the animals in and to keep predators out. Because it was shut down for so long from any people coming there, the actual purpose of the land wasn't being used. Now those fences were shutting people out of the land which was a meeting place.This had an effect on the trees and they became out of balance as they were not now anchored in earth that was a meeting place The energy was shut down from people coming in so the trees couldn't serve their purpose as was meant.

Those trees now have a disease, yet the trees around that area don't. The trees within that vicinity of the fenced area have a particular disease and it's quite noticeable. I received this information from asking the earth and the earth Spirits after noticing the trees looking unhealthy.

There's a lot that goes on with the earth and it's an energy and all of the beings that live on this earth. We are a community and I'm not just talking about people. I'm talking about everything,the trees, the animals,the birds and the insects.

This community of beings should work together. But of course, what is the only creature out of all the beings that live on this planet that don't work with the rest? It's us! So the problem arises with us that we're not communicating with the rest of the beings that exist in our community. This is where the issues begin.

We're going deeper into this whole system of community with all of the plants. So just as we have guides around us, plants have a guiding energy and they are called Divas.

Not only do plants have them, but animals, insects, fish, crabs, everything has an overseeing energy that works together with all of the other focusing energies.

For example, there's an overseeing energy for each magpie in a community, however big that community is. Same with crows. Same with willy wagtails,and so on.

It is something that just goes on without us even knowing. And it's why nature is always in balance where we aren't. So wherever nature is left to its own devices, it always stays in balance. And of course, we're the ones that throw that balance out of kilter.

The process for us is to learn how to speak to these spirits, these governing energies that watch over all of these different species of animals. plants, insects and water creatures so that we can stay in balance.

I had an interesting conversation with an Extra Terrestrial, a galactic being who has been here for some time. There are several of them that I’m connected with, generally females. Because I mainly see females in my practice but also females tend to be more drawn to doing herbal medicine work or naturopathic work. I'm generalizing so any male naturopaths out there don't throw things at me.

This being talked about her people, her planet and their life over the last 300 years. So why they're here now is because the situation we’re in, is where they were 300 years ago. They've evolved beyond this situation that we're in.

This was the process that happened for them. So just like us, there was a huge influx of technology. They were basically quite a spiritual culture. They had already had connections with other galactic races.

There was already interplay of information going on between species and technology was one of these shared experiences. As our technology caught on, we found it fascinating and it's helping us.

The same thing happened for them but with us, it's gone overboard. And so for them, they found themselves in exactly the same situation because as they started to produce their own technology along comes pollution. Not only pollution of the air but pollution of the waterways, pollution of the earth and deforestation because of mining.

Also, deforestation because fossil fuels which people needed and also overpopulation occurred because a balance wasn't there anymore. People weren't living like they used to and they were finding themselves in more of a home environment which lead to more children as it does with us.

When people aren't physically and mentally active, they tend to breed if that's the best way to put it.

What happened, is the whole planet became out of balance. Now, they had already had plans to move offworld to another planet to let some of their population go.

They rebuilt and began opening up to this other planet to start afresh. The ones that were left on the original planet began to turn things around because they didn't have the same amount of control and manipulation that we do on our planet.

When people of a spiritual nature spoke about the imbalance that was occurring in nature, leaders listened. Once leaders listened, they realized something needed to be done as the pollution and deforestation and over population was progressing rapidly. She gave me a vision of what the planet looks like now, you can barely see a structure.

They removed surface structures, they reforested, they brought a lot of structures underground. They began using free energy systems which were brought to them. One thing that they didn't expect to happen was the fact that when everything came back into balance, particular with their spirituality, population growth stopped, not completely, but it just stayed in balance with nature.

This was because they came in sync with the rest of the community on that planet, of trees, of insects, of animals of birds, their whole energy system became in sync and a status quo was created. And that stayed.

This is why they're here for us. Now I have to help to educate people. I've shared the story with quite a few people that now have quite a connection with these particular beings, helping to support them.

It's an incredibly powerful thing that's happening at the moment with the Galactic beings that are becoming closer, becoming more interested in speaking with us and supporting our growth. AA lot of people don't get that the Earth has a specific energy system. Energy right throughout the earth is connected to God or the Great Spirit or the Creator.

However you see it, we are all connected. If you could see us energetically, our energy isn't separate from everything. We're not just like this little egg walking around on two legs, and the trees aren't just like an egg with roots in the ground. Everything's energy is intertwined. The energy of everything interacts.

What we see is nothing in the air. We know there's oxygen there. Does it have a telltale smell? No. Does it have a particular look or color? No. But we trust that there's oxygen there. Otherwise we'd be falling on the ground, we wouldn't be alive. Just as we cant see air,we cant see energy. This sea of consciousness that is all around us is like a telegraph.

If you think about something, if you focus on something, and you're grounded, you will attract that to you. Just like when you're thinking about a good friend of yours and then all of a sudden, they call you on the phone.

Here's where you have to look. Did they call you because you were thinking about them? Or were you actually picking up on the fact that they were thinking about you? That's why they called you. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

But this communication line extends everywhere on the planet. This is how people read thoughts. This is how we can do energy work. I was doing work with a guy in Canada a few weeks ago. Now how can that be, how can I do energy work on someone in Canada?

It's because the only thing that limits us is our thoughts, our limiting belief systems. There is a link there in that moment between myself, and that gentleman in Canada .

He was feeling things that I was projecting into his space and helping him to open up chakras and I was able to see into his memories. And so it's no different working with someone right in front of me or on the phone or using zoom. It doesn't matter. Because we're linked to everyone and everything by energy.

This is the fascinating part about life, which, if we open up our thoughts more, would be an amazing thing to just see how far we can go.