Drum Making Workshop

Post date: Oct 13, 2019 2:30:26 AM

This workshop provides you with the materials and an interactive environment in which you will create your own unique and authentic Healing Drum. It is designed to give you the experience as well as the chance to apply your own energy to your personal creation.

It is a wonderful opportunity to create medicine/healing items that carry your energy, your intent. In the process of birthing your Healing drums, everything is made with due ceremony.

They are unique to you, handcrafted in the style of the Native American Drums and created with the right intent, an extension of your heart and soul.

Meditate/Journey to connect with your Guides, learn styles of drumming and watch a demonstration of healing with the drum.

What Matthew creates, he does to honour the ancestors and the traditions of The Lakota and the Plains People in Native American culture. Matthew is committed to providing you with the best authentic medicine tools and his love for the knowledge of the ancestors, their customs and culture, moves him to share these gifts with you.

You will make a 16 inch hand held Native American style drum and beater.

When: Sunday 10th November 2019

Time: 9.30am - 5pm

Where: 83 Burton Road, Birdwood SA

Cost: $375.00 per person (all materials supplied)

Please bring a healthy lunch to share, 2 old towels, a bucket and a jacket as the workshop will be held outside.

Bookings are essential. Deposit of $150 is required to be paid 10 days prior to workshop. Please contact Matthew on 0410 658 797 Or Email greenwoodjourneys@hotmail.com