Each month Matthew gives talks around Adelaide and Australia. Every session differs in content depending on the audience and what Spirit brings up to share for that day.

Generally, Matthew talks about his work as a Medium and Shaman. Shamanism is the ability to work with the spirit world in order to aid a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing. Matthew works directly with spirit beings, who are here to aid us in our spiritual growth and wellbeing.

Matthew shares experiences of his many years giving workshops, sweat lodges, retreats, vision quests and tours to South Dakota. He talks about our ability to bring greater strength and grounding to our spiritual path, whether we are beginners or experienced spiritual practitioners.

Talks are held throughout the year.

Talks are held throughout Adelaide and Hills area, Queensland, WA, Victoria and New Zealand.

These talks are free and open to all. Donations are appreciated.

Contact us to be added to the email list for upcoming talks, or to organise a talk in your local area.