Tipi Meditations

Story of the Tipi…

    • Starts with 3 poles (tripod) representing the “past”, “present” and “future”.
    • The rest of the poles (13 poles) represent the 13 moons of the year.
    • All of the poles together then represent all of the different religions in the world…….not just the “red way”.
    • The rope that binds the crossover together binds all the “ways” together – ie. ALL poles point towards the Creator.
    • The cover, when laid out on the ground, represents the Eagle. The Eagle represents “Love”.
    • The Eagle then covers the Tipi with its wings, encircling the people within with Love.
    • The poles above the crossover form the Eagle’s Nest.

In Woodside, South Australia, Matthew leads guided meditations for expanding your awareness and opening yourself up to your Higher Self and your Guides.

He also passes on messages from Spirit in relation to the help we can all give in the evolvement of Human consciousness at this time and also to help with aligning ourselves with the changing Earth’s energies.

Tipi meditation sessions are ongoing throughout the year.