Journeys Deep Into The Lakota Nation, USA

Matthew looks forward to taking a small group deep into the sacred lands of the Lakota Indians, staying on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in the heart of the Great Sioux Nation.

This journey will include ceremonies, workshops, meditation, healing, shopping for local crafts and so much more.

Journey Highlights

    • Rosebud Pow Wow and Fair – see the colour and energy of the dancers, drumming groups and singers. No other event captures the Native American spirit like the Pow Wow.

    • Crazy Horse Monument – the largest man-made sculpture in the world is this great warrior carved from a mountain.

    • Wounded Knee Memorial – remembering a part of history that will truly touch your heart.

    • Mount Rushmore National Monument – the famous carving into the mountain of the 4 presidents.

    • Badlands National Park – spectacular geological wonder and breathtaking scenery.

    • Grave site of famous war chief Red Cloud and Heritage centre.

    • Wind Cave – a tour of one of the most extensive cave systems as yet not completely explored but where the Lakota People say the Earth breathes from.

    • Native American crafts – beadwork, porcupine quillwork, quilting, paintings, dolls, leather crafts, silver jewellery, drums, buffalo robes, clothing, pottery and fine art.

    • Sleeping in traditional Tipis.

    • Seeing Wildlife – Mountain Lion, Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Prairie Dogs, Coyote, Wolves and Bears.

    • Ceremonies with Lakota Elders – experience sweat lodge and other traditional ceremonies, hear about their way of life and listen to traditional stories.

    • Walking through tribal lands with a local guide to see animal tracks and plants used for medicine and food.

    • Generosity and open hearts of the Lakota People.

Matthew and the Lakota

Matthew has been travelling to South Dakota on a regular basis since 2001 having made close friendships with the Lakota People of Rosebud Indian Reservation. This unique connection now allows small groups of people to take the journey and experience the ceremonies, traditions and way of life of one of the strongest Native American cultures in the United States.

In 2010 Matthew organised the committee to help bring the International Sundance by the World Council of Elders out to Australia and in 2011 participated as the Firekeeper for the International Sundance in Montana.

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From a participant of the 2011 Native American Discovery Tour, Kay Gifford:

When I heard that Matthew was going to “Journey to the Land of the Lakota People” I knew this was something I not just wanted to do to, but felt strongly that this trip would be a journey of significance for me. I was right !!!I back home in Australia I have had time to absorb and understand what a difference there is in me now, both Spiritually and with my attitude to life in general, for this I am very grateful.

I noticed the inner child come forth as I enjoyed the fun of hunting for that “special find” on our shopping sprees in all the Native American stores we visited across the different states, also being the tourist and seeing different towns, and how the scenery changed as we travelled was fascinating. The places of significance we visited were special and had lots of history attached, which gave more clarity to the connection the Native American Peoples have to their lands and history, some of the places we visited left me in awe of Mother Nature, especially The Bad Lands, that took my Breath away.

But all of the above was only a small part of our journey for me, it was the people, especially The Traditional Lakota People who made this trip so moving, this was the highlight for me, to be made to feel so welcome in their community, with them and their families, to share their stories, ceremonies and their homes was so genuine, no wonder I feel such a connection with these people. I have learned so much and feel so pleased that I went.

Kay, from South Australia.