Native American Ceremonies and Rituals

In the atmosphere of a traditional 20 foot Sioux style Tipi, sitting around a beautiful warm fire as the Plains People of North America would have done hundreds of years ago, Matthew talks about some traditional and modern Lakota ceremonies and rituals, as he was taught by Elders along his journey.

Although we live in Australia in modern times, learning about ceremonies and traditional stories from such Earth connected cultures gives us additional meaning to our modern lives, our purpose on this Earth and where we fit in to the bigger picture.

The rituals also give us a guide as to how we can strengthen our connections with the Earth, Humanity, all Beings great and small and with Ourselves!

The day will be very laid back and relaxed with lots of interaction and fun.

During the day we will stop and feast with a shared healthy lunch.

Workshops are ongoing throughout the year in South Australia.

Please contact us for upcoming workshop dates and locations.