Smudging Fan Workshop

Smudging is a practice used by many different cultures to cleanse or clear a person, a space, or an object. A smudging ceremony can both clear negative energies and also create positive energy.

Smudging Fans are used along with the smoke of purifying plants such as Sage, Xantheria resin, and other sacred herbs. It is the spirit of the plant which purifies whatever is being smudged, alongside our prayers and Spirit. The smoke of these plants also assists in carrying our prayers to Great Spirit.

During these workshops you will make your own unique Smudging Fan.

Each person is asked to collect and bring their own large feathers. Other craftwork equipment is supplied eg leather, beads, glue etc. Each individual is encouraged to create a design that appeals and has meaning for them.

Once we have made the Smudging Fans, we then learn a Smudging Ritual for daily use.

We will be observing Prayer and Ceremony throughout the making of the Smudging Fan.

Workshops are ongoing throughout the year in South Australia.

Please contact us for upcoming workshop dates and locations.